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Dec 15-16, 2020 Mexico

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Telematics Mexico &Latin America Summit 2020
                  Dec 15-16th, 2020
Sofitel Mexico City Reforma Mexico City, Mexico
DAY ONE Tuesday, Dec15th ,2020.  Mexico City

8:00-9:20  Morning Refreshment  and Registration
09:20-09:30 Opening Remarks from the Chairman
09:30-10:00 General picture of the Connectivity of transportation from Global to LATAM
* Global Connected Vehicles introduction and the update in LATAM - Driven by Mexico 's heavy traffic
* The major obstacle ahead of Mexico's deployment of telematics and connectivity in land transport
* How the Fleet Management System , TSP operate in LATAM market , DO and DONT
---- Rina Quijada, Ph.D. Vice President Latin American Business Development, IHS Markit

10:00-10:30  Government's role in Mexico's auto-transportation sector, the regulatory and legislation plan

* How Mexico government regulate on the land transportation, automotive industry
* The introduction of OEMs operation in Guanajuato state and investment promotion
* Mexico's Intelligent transportation & Smart city plan
---- Senior officer,  Mexico Communication and Transportation Ministry

10:30-11:00  Telematics in Mexico: Where we are Heading

*Mexico's auto industry background releasing
*Analyzing potential opportunities and challenges that Telematics application in Mexico
* LATAM's opportunity on the connectivity and telematcis deployment
---- Mr. Eduardo Solis, Excutive President, Asociación Mexicana de la Industria Automotriz A.C. AMIA

11:00-11:30 Networking & Refreshment

 11:30-12:00 Automaker's perspective : the roadmap to connected car, electrical vehicle in LATAM
*The brief introduction of the MAN 's operation in LATAM
*How logistics / supply chain biz and new trade agreement USMCA influence heavy vehicle's sales in Mexico
* MAN ’s  plan to promote hybrid and EV bus in LATAM
-----Mr.Leandro Radomile, MD of MAN TRUCKS & BUS Mexico

12:00-13:00 Panel Discussion A: Government, OEM, Telematcis Solution providers' perspective on the  Telematics and Connected car deployment in LATAM
* How the intelligent transport system development in Mexico
* Telematics solution provider , municipal , transport operator , OEM cooperate together ?
* Smarter Fleet and Risks Management with Telematics

Moderator : Mr.David LEE , Event Production Director ,EVENTECS,

Panelist 1:  Mr. Eduardo Solis, Excutive President,The Mexican Association for the Automotive Industry (AMIA)
Panelist 2: Mr.Leandro Radomile, MD of MAN TRUCKS & BUS Mexico
Panelist 3 : Mr. Armando Cortes , Executive Director for Industrial Development at Premexico
Panelist 4: TBA

13:00-14:30   Networking Luncheon

14:30-15:00Electric Vehicle and Autonomous Driving Outlook in LATAM
* The Latest Electric Vehicle and Automated Driving Technology
* Understanding the Market Trends of Autonomous and Electric Vehicles for LATAM
* Challenges & Solutions of ADAS deployment in LATAM  
---- Mr. Oliver Rosenthal, Head of BMWi Mexico LATAM, BMW
15:00-15:30Telematics technology in practice in  LATAM
* FMS unveil benefits and results : driver behaviour, theft controls, and cost savings
* How telematics and connectivity can serve your strategy with the best practices of a fleet customer
* Monitoring Driver Behavior, Premium Discount, Data Analysis & Monetization, Connected Claim
---- Reserve for sponsor

15:30-16:00 Networking & Refreshment

16:00-16:30 How the telematics contribute to the transport in Mexico
*Connected ITS for Fleet Management & Logistics Optimization
*Fleet Tracking & Tracing of vehicle , Telematics in Transport Operation
*How the telematics help oil gas delivery fleet, logistics , mining & construction operator saving the operation cost and improve the efficiency.
---- Reserve for sponsor
16:30-17:00  UBI, Insurance telematics inside the Fleet
*What can be done to support UBI scalability of of products and services?
*Will tracking or remote car control can help boost the growth of UBI ?
*Better claims analysis, How to monetize the data from the cooperation between  telematics solutions ,insurers and Policy holder
---- Allianz Technology SE
17:00-18:00 Panel Discussion  2: Telematics Practices players' perspective on LATAM's operation
* UBI, telematics insurance, How to make sure the Pricing & Profitability: The BIG Challenges?
* LATAM's Fleet manager's aspirations : How the Regulation body , infrastructure support the new biz model
* How the logistics , supply chain can benefits from the data , new era's oil gas energy
Moderator : Scott J. McCormick, President Connected Vehicle Trade Association
Panelist 1:  Mr.Hugo Luis Aguilar, Lead Commercial Fleet Solutions, Shell Mexico
Panelist 2:  Juan Moran,
Regional Customer manager Auto mobility Industry DHL Customer solution & Innovation
Panelist 3:  Mrs. Lorena Isla , LATAM director for Automotive and Transportation (Mobility) , Frost & Sullivan.

18:10-18:20Day one closing remark

18:20-20:30 Wine-Drinking Party

DAY TWO Wednesday, Dec 16th ,2020.  Mexico City

08:00-09:20 Morning Refreshment  and Registration
09:20-09:30 Opening Remarks from the Chairman

09:30-10:00Navigation and location/Mapping technology Enhance Vehicle-Infrastructure Communications for Connected vehicle

*Assimilating road’s location/ Mapping technologies to navigate in various conditions
*Cultivating ITS, GPS, mapping and communication systems
*Integrating traffic data into cloud for real time traffic management
----TomTom Mexico

10:00-10:30The fleet management's perspective :  car networking technology development and the integration of infrastructure and smart cities
* How smart cities and intelligent transportation plan be implement and layout the V2I, V2X technology,
* The government and traffic management monitor , forecast and guide the system with the IOT and Telematics technology
* Intelligent transport practice showcase
---- Mr.Juan Moran, Regional Customer manager Auto mobility Industry DHL Customer solution & Innovation
10:30-11:00 Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS)/ Mobility on Demand (MOD), would possible in Mexico?
* Car Sharing, Bicycle Sharing & Ride Sharing, Shared Mobility introduction
* Mobility Management, shared mobility practice case study in Kuala Lumpur
* Creating sustainable mobility through electric free float car sharing
---- Didi Chuxing, Mexico

11:00-11:10 Participant Gathering , BIG -FAMILY Photo taking

11:10-11:30 Networking & Refreshment

 11:30-12:00  Telecommunication's role in mobility Transformation– the journey to digital
*How the tele infrastructure support the mobility Transformation from 3G to 5G
*The digitalization process of the transportation integration
*Digital is the new normal, Transformation in mobility
----Mrs. Enrique Martínez Herrera, Director operation and maintenance , Telcel Mexico
12:00-12:30 Electricity mobility & EV Charging Infrastructure deployment in Southeast LATAM
*What's the challenge ahead of the EV spreading, how the government, industry  players and public citizen cooperated together ?
* Mexico's electricity vehicle and  electricity-motorbike's plan
* How the Infrastructure like the charging pile's installation match the EV development

----Mr. Flavio Rivera, CEO - Daimler Commercial Vehicles Mexico

12:30-14:00 Networking Luncheon

14:00-14:305G, M2M ,IoT Revolution , Blockchain in Fleet Management
*Advantages for Block chain technology in connected car automotive
*Identifies IoT data sources, IoT solution powers advanced M2M logistics applications and fleet management
*How the IOT Revolution contribute to the 3rd largest Commercial vehicles market from LATAM.

---- Reserve for sponsor

14:30-15:00  Cyber Security in automotive transport  – Whose Responsibility?
* Defending Against Cyber Attacks, Critical Cyber Security Threats & Beyond
* Evaluation of Intrusion Detection
* Data-driven mobility: a perspective on future paradigms
----- FireEye

15:00-15:30  Safety Today, For the autonomous Tomorrow
*Autonomous Driving and ADAS update
*Grabbing the potentials of the wearable Robot, Natural Language Processing
*Data-driven mobility: a perspective on future paradigms

----Mr. Ernesto Pesochinsky, Director Latin America, Mobileye, an Intel company

15:30-16:00 Networking & Refreshment

16:00-16:30 How to match the real demand from Mexico ? cost Embedded system , OBD and Smartphone Mirror-link , Smartphone Integration but with high quality
* How the Automaker to meet the LATAM client needs?
* OBD, Dongle, trackers providers international strategy but local execution in Mexico
* How the Embedded system influence the In-Vehicle Infotainment
---- Reserve for sponsor

16:30-17:00 Sustainable Traffic Management in LATAM
* Digital Infrastructure & Integrated Transport Systems
* Public Transport Network Planning & Scheduling
* Future Transport Systems
--- Mr. Yeswant Abhimanyu, LatAm Research Manager (Automotive & Transportation), Frost & Sullivan

17:00-17:30 Hardware and Telematics devices manufacturers' perspective on the Telematics available
* Advanced radar, sensor, semiconductor and cameras deployed in the vehicle for Environmental Perception
* How the telecom ensure the seamless data connection, 5G, LTE, DSRC introduction
* On-board computer, Infotainment 's plan in developing market
----The semiconductor / Telco/ sensor provider
 17:30-17:40  Closing Remark from the Chairman